About Recovere

Setting The Standard For Effective Charitable Giving

At Recovere, we’re creating a best-practice global donation management platform. Our system provides a single, coordinated channel for recovery agencies and non-profits to request and access urgently needed items, supporting short and long-term recovery efforts for international communities impacted by poverty, emergencies, and crisis.


When donating via Recovere, donors can be assured that their donations are impactful. Our platform collaborates with vetted local non-profit organisations, ensuring that all needs are authentic. This means that your donation directly addresses relevant needs within the community, maximising its impact and effectiveness. With Recovere, you can trust that your contribution is making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Our Mission is Clear

To ensure that donations meet the urgent needs of communities affected by disasters.

We understand the challenges these communities face when managing donations that arrive with or without warning. 


Efficient Recovere

Our network connects with local people to coordinate fast action and delivery of donations.


Effective Recovere

We send what’s needed directly to the community and individual to avoid unhelpful items ending up as landfill. 


Ethical Recovere

Our transparent end-to-end process show that your donations are are going to those who need it most.

The People Behind Recovere

Our passionate and experienced team 

At the heart of Recovere lies a passionate team whose combined vision and expertise are setting new benchmarks in disaster relief and recovery. Dive deeper into their inspiring journeys and how their partnership is revolutionising disaster relief.

Juliette Wright, CEO and Founder of Recovere
Image of Emma Haller, Chief Digital Officer of Recovere

Why we're making a change

60% of the donations that arrive at disaster sites are not needed(1)

Registered non-profits can say goodbye to the physical strain of receiving, sorting, storing, and disposing of unwanted items. We streamline the donation process, helping communities focus on recovery, not logistics.


(1) Holguin-Veras J, Hart W (2018); Strategies for Managing Unsolicited Donations, Rensselar Ploytechnic Institute

Image of unsolicited donations that have ended up in landfill

Making a Global Impact

Join us on a journey to transform post-crisis recovery.
Together, we can track the outcomes of our collective efforts through our up-to-date impact reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability every step of the way.