Donation Management

A Revolution in Charitable Donation Management

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Together, We Are Change Makers

Recovere is committed to supporting non-profit organisations in their vital missions by offering:

Two young professionals working together on a laptop to help manage the correct distribution of donations

Management of Donations

Recovere freely assists registered non-profit organisations in managing donations. By providing our best-practice platform for free, with guidance and resources, we help organisations handle wanted and unexpected donations in a way that maximises their impact and minimises waste. This support ensures that non-profits can focus their efforts on addressing the most pressing needs of their communities without being overwhelmed by unsolicited contributions, and having to receive, store, distribute and donations.


Donation Matching

Our platform enables non-profits to submit requests for specific items or services needed by the communities they support. These requests are then matched with offers from donors, ensuring that non-profits receive essential resources to support their beneficiaries effectively.


Access to Resources

Recovere freely provides non-profits with access to a diverse range of resources donated by individuals, businesses, and other organisations. These resources may include essential supplies and equipment necessary to address the needs of their target populations more efficiently.


Efficiency and Transparency

Leveraging advanced technologies like AI and ML, Recovere streamlines the donation management process, making it easier for non-profits to request, receive, and distribute resources quickly. We also value transparency allowing recovery agencies to have real-time visibility into the status of donations and ensuring equitable allocation of resources.

Our Donation Process

Your team identifies and registers the needs on the ground. We showcase these needs on our platform for donors to make direct donations. Our process ensures efficient fulfilment of these needs.

Our main goals are to:

Register The Need

The need is registered by our network of organisations.

Publish The Need​

The need (item) is published to Recovere's global platform.

Fund The Need​

The need is selected for funding by the donor.

Purchase The Need​

Recovere sources the item from our network of local businesses.

Receive The Need​

The recipient receives the exact need they requested.

Working With Our Network

We believe in the power of collaboration and community support.

With Recovere, non-profit organisations can access the tools and resources they need to make a positive impact in the lives of those impacted by poverty, natural disasters and crisis.

Join us in our mission to create meaningful change