Our Donation Principles​

Guiding Our Giving

Principles Guiding the Meaningful and Ethical Impact

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The Foundation of Trust

Our commitment to transparency, privacy, and impact is unwavering.

At Recovere, the principles governing our donations are designed to protect all involved — recipients, donors, and the broader community — ensuring every contribution makes a meaningful difference.

Core Principles

Guided by six fundamentals

We navigate the complexities of aid to deliver support where it’s most needed, always focused on the dignity and safety of those we serve.

Local Support

We prioritise mindful procurement to support local economies, ensuring local businesses and communities are positively impacted after disasters.


Our assistance extends to those most in need, empowering communities to rebuild and thrive.


We ensure donations are distributed promptly when they are truly needed, addressing urgent needs with efficiency and care.

Privacy and Safety

The anonymity and well-being of every individual are paramount. We safeguard privacy and safety throughout our donation process.

Dignity and Well-being

We prioritise the health and dignity of recipients, ensuring that aid efforts uplift and empower individuals and communities.

Adapting to Community Recovery Priorities

We remain adaptable to the evolving needs of communities during the recovery process, adjusting our support initiatives to best serve those in need.



Local Support
Our Ethical Compass
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Privacy and Safety

Adapting to Community Recovery Priorities

Dignity and Well-being

Guidance for Responsible Donating Overseas

At Recovere, while we aim to facilitate precise and meaningful connections between donors and Non-Profits, we also recognise the potential for donations to inadvertently cause harm.

To ensure that your generosity leads to positive outcomes, we urge donors to consider the following before donating, particularly in international contexts:

Cultural Appropriateness

Ensure donations respect the cultural values and practices of the recipient community, avoiding items that could perpetuate stereotypes or disrespect traditions.

Dependency vs. Empowerment

Aim to support communities towards self-sufficiency rather than creating a dependency on external aid.

Electrical Compatibility

For donations involving electrical items, verify that they meet the destination country's standards and plug configurations to avoid safety risks. Recovere Pty assists in ensuring appropriate matches for such items.

Economic Impact

Be mindful of the local economy; donating large quantities of foreign goods can disrupt local markets and hinder economic recovery.

Environmental Considerations

Consider the environmental impact of your donations, particularly the disposal of items that may not be suitable or are non-biodegradable.

Supporting Local Economies

Whenever possible, consider purchasing items locally within the recipient's region. This approach supports local businesses and ensures donations are both culturally and environmentally fitting.

Adapting to Recovery Needs

Recovere remains committed to adjusting our Prohibited List in response to the changing needs of communities during recovery phases. This flexibility allows us to support communities more effectively, facilitating donations that genuinely aid in their recovery and resilience building.

Making a Global Impact

Join us on a journey to transform post-crisis recovery.
Together, let's build a future where communities recover stronger and more efficiently than ever before.