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The Visionaries Behind Recovere

Welcome to the core of Recovere, where innovation meets compassion to create a transformative impact in disaster relief and recovery. Here, we introduce you to the visionary leaders whose dedication and expertise are the driving forces behind our mission.

Juliette Wright OAM | Founder & CEO

Juliette Wright, CEO and Founder of Recovere

A driving force behind our mission, Juliette brings her expertise and passion for supporting people in need, to lead our team.

Juliette is a Social Entrepreneur on a mission to alleviate the effects of poverty. In 2009, while seeking to donate baby clothes, Juliette embarked on a transformative journey, leading to the creation of GIVIT and a groundbreaking model for effective disaster relief. Under Juliette’s visionary leadership, she developed a new model and revolutionised the way people give in Australia, reversing traditional approaches to disaster relief. Her model, which has gained recognition as the most innovative solution in disaster recovery, emphasises efficiency and effectiveness in directing resources where they are needed most.

With over 15 years of experience in disaster recovery, Juliette is uniquely positioned to take her innovative model to a global scale through Recovere. Having stepped down as CEO of GIVIT Australia, she is determined to apply her expertise in developing novel IT platform to make Recovere a reality.

She is dedicated to ensuring Recovere maintains the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Juliette’s dedication and vision have earned her numerous awards and honours, including being named a Local Hero Australian of the Year in 2015 and receiving the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2018.

Emma Haller | ​ ​CDO

Image of Emma Haller, Chief Digital Officer of Recovere
A trailblazing leader, innovator, building the platform that will transform disaster relief on a global scale.

Emma joins Recovere with over two decades in digital and data technologies, Emma brings a steadfast commitment to tackling intricate business challenges. A strong proponent of human-centered design and uncovering the value in organisations data, Emma blends creativity and innovation with a practical approach.

Since 2022, Emma has worked closely with Juliette Wright OAM to establish a scalable global platform business based on the GIVIT model. facilitating Human-Centered Design workshops to create personas and customer journeys to deepen our understanding of recipient needs, motivations, obstacles, and influences.

Utilising insights from the personas and customer journey maps, we collectively formulated recipient problem statements. These statements served as the foundation for collaborative ideation and prototyping workshops, employing LEGO methodology.

Building on this analysis, Interactive wireframes for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The design focuses on core business objectives: transparency of donations, reduction of contributions to landfills, and support for the local economy. These artifacts served as crucial requirements for the successful delivery of the solution.

Emma will lead the delivery team to focus on humanising complex interactions, seamlessly integrating them into the organisational fabric for a truly ‘natural’ feel. The enablement of generative AI and Machine Learning models will craft an intelligent core that will manage the secure and scalable matching of recipient needs to kind donations.

Making a Global Impact

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