Support Local Businesses

Help Build From The ​​Ground Up

Our approach is encouraging donors to make purchases locally.

Championing Community Empowerment Through
Local Support

Addressing the Critical Challenges in Disaster Relief

At Recovere, we're not just about providing aid, we're about reshaping aid delivery with an environmental conscience.

Recognising the multifaceted challenges disasters pose, we've committed to innovative, eco-friendly aid solutions.

Our emphasis on local purchases not only bolsters community economies but also aligns with our sustainable giving ethos, cutting down the carbon footprint of cross-border aid logistics.

A local marketplace where food and other goods are being sold

How Recovere Boosts the Local Economy

Discover the Impact of Choosing Local with Recovere's Marketplace

Recovere prioritises sourcing goods and services locally whenever possible. By procuring items from local businesses, Recovere contributes directly to the local economy, providing support to businesses that may have been affected by disasters.

Recovere provides a platform for local businesses to showcase their products and services. Through the Recovere marketplace, businesses can reach a wider audience of donors and customers, helping them recover and thrive in the aftermath of disasters.

fresh vegetables showcased by a local business

Empowering Communities

Improving Recovery with Sustainable Support​

At Recovere, empowering communities goes beyond just providing aid. We believe in creating a transformative experience that uplifts spirits and instils a sense of strength.
Here’s how we do it:

Local Purchases For Community Support ​

Every local transaction through Recovere is more than economic aid, it's a gesture of solidarity and commitment to the community's recovery and future prosperity.

Environmental Stewardship ​

Our dedication transcends mere words, it's a tangible promise to safeguard our planet. Through mindful local sourcing, we ensure our humanitarian efforts contribute positively to environmental sustainability.​

Buying Locally

We place the power back into the hands of the community, allowing them to articulate their needs, thereby shaping a recovery journey that's self-sufficient and resilient.​

Promoting Community Resilience

Encouraging self-sufficiency and tailored recovery.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

Providing assurance, repairs, warranties, and customer support for recipients of items.

Supporting Long-Term Recovery

Continuously assisting communities even after larger agencies have left.

Providing Real-Time Data

Monitoring recovery rate and effectiveness, community priorities, and emerging issues.

Ensuring Transparency

Boosting donor confidence by showing how their assistance reaches those in need.

Making a Global Impact

Join us on a journey to transform post-crisis recovery.
Together, let's build a future where communities recover stronger and more efficiently than ever before.